Our First Lake Day + A Mason Update!

Mason continues to amaze us. His appetite is really improving, such that we have not administered tube feed since Friday! We are having to take him in the have the site cleaned and a new bandage placed this evening, and he has his next appointment for treatment is this Friday.

This photo was taken on Wednesday evening when Kaci was still staying with us. We went out on a neighborhood walk together, which I absolutely love. Just before finishing my work day, I received a call from the Animal Hospital that Mason tested positive for the deadly feline virus, FIP. I broke down crying before I made my way home. I called to ask the doctor some questions and was told he would return my call. A little while later I received a call from a tech that stated the wrong result had been given. She apologized and said Mason was NEGATIVE. I was so so relieved but furious that the wrong information had been given. Even still, it put things into a bit of perspective. Kaci and I both breathed a sigh of relief and were thankful it was *just* cancer, which is an oxymoron. But at least we have a treatment plan!



For breakfast on Friday, I had one each avocado toast and toast with orange marmalade plus fluffy scrambled eggs.


A dorky ootd photo for ya.


I was able to listen to one of the latest podcasts that Kylie participated in, which was really enjoyable.

After I got my mid-point hair trim (always makes me feel better), I snacked on this yogurt and made my way home.


I had stopped at Kroger for a few things, one of which was their free Friday product: Pure Leaf tea. They were also on sale for two for $4, so I bought two flavors.


Dinner was leftover roasted cabbage and zucchini with seasoned chickpeas, vegetable chips, and we split the above tea.


For breakfast on Saturday, I had simple oatmeal with chia, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and milk then topped with peanut butter, a banana, and a May photo bomb.


We then packed up some food and headed out to the lake house! I tried one of LaraBar’s newest product after we arrived. Love it!


So gorgeous and peaceful.


Posed at our altar. Matt didn’t want to reveal his farmer’s tan. Lol


Some selfie fun 🙂


Axl couldn’t find his ball as it was bobbing in the waves, so Drew had to rescue it. In doing so, Axl wanted on the float and popped it. Hahaha it was hilarious to watch!

I had also snacked on cheese and grapes earlier and then made this light late lunch. Avocado and chickpea toast, wilted greens, vegetables.


Matt and I split this and thought it was the best of the two.


When we were about to turn onto the highway, I saw a tick crawling on my seat. I opened the door, and Matt flicked it away. On Sunday, I found a baby tick on me. Gross!

We got back home, and Mason prepped Matt’s stomach for dinner with his biscuits. ❤


Superman paws!


Dinner included meatloaf topped with jalapeno ketchup, brown rice, and baked zucchini. Jax-loaf.


Kase gave me two TJ’s Mocha Joe’s to try. I had them with Fage and frozen wild blueberries. This was delicious. We watched two episodes of Gotham then called it a night.


Our snuggly sweet girl.


I enjoyed my Kashi sweet potato flakes out of this nearly empty peanut butter jar for breakfast on Sunday. I spent the day dusting, vacuuming, taking out the trash, washing laundry and dishes, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. Phew.


Girlfriend was so cozy!


Lunch was thick slice of toast with ricotta, avocado, and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning plus vegetables, grapes, and then a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds.


I fit in a 10-15-minute online Barre3 workout as dinner cooked. Was a little proud of myself. I tried getting a bottle of red wine, but Aldi and Kroger both don’t sell alcohol on Sunday. I think it’s a really silly rule/law. Anyway, I marinated two pork tenderloins in Newman’s Own Citrus Dressing then pan seared them in our iron skillet. Once the oven was preheated, I roasted them for 20 minutes before setting them aside to rest. I sautéed onion, mushroom, and garlic in the skillet then reduced white wine. Served with Alexia’s sweet potato tots and a salad. It turned out so well! We both cleaned our plates.


Although it was late, I had a Lil Bub mug of Fage, tahini, and two pecan salted caramel cookies. Hit the spot then I hit the pillow. haha


But not before love from all our babies!


I hope everyone has a great week! This marks Kaci and my birthday week with us turning 29 on Saturday. Hard to believe we’re so close to 30, but here’s to another fabulous year. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Our First Lake Day + A Mason Update!

  1. YAYYYY! I am so glad his appetite is improving- that is HUGE! But HOLY smokes- the tech got it wrong?!? WHAT. That is nuts. I’m so glad he doesn’t have it, but talk about the ultimate mixed emotions- relief and anger! OOOoooo lala, I love that outfit! You always have the cutest shoes too! What are the podcasts that Kylie does?! I’m super interested to listen! Also, I’m so glad ya’ll got the chance to get away- love love love your suit! Where is it from?! As usual, drooling over the food and the different combos! Oh the life of not being able to buy wine on a Sunday- I remember that from living in Indiana allll too well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! The whole ‘no alcohol sold on Sunday’ business is silly. Oh I was a wreck that day!! I left work balling only to find out he was negative. It put things into perspective, and I understand we all make mistakes. But I was livid. She should’ve been prepped by a knowledgeable doctor before picking up the phone. Thanks for all of your sweet comments!! I snagged this suit at Target. It was slim pickings, but when I saw this one, it was perfect for me. Kylie has been contributing to podcasts that talk about body positivity, eating disorder and disordered eating recovery, and just all positive things. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would have been livid too. That’s a pretty big deal mistake. And ahh I definitely am due for a Tarjay shopping spree lol, and Kylie is amazing! I will need to check out some of those podcasts for sure!

        Liked by 1 person

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