The Need for Speed, Birthday Celebrations, Exploring Savannah

I want to begin by saying this was the very best race weekend and birthday celebration for Matt ever, and I’m beyond grateful!! I came back feeling more calm than I have in a long time, and I can’t say enough how happy it made me to see Matt enjoy himself so much. We went to the same track, Roebling Road Raceway, where he got his racing license February 2016.

I gave him his card on Thursday even though his birthday was on Sunday. I wanted to give it to him before our weekend got under way. Is it not adorable?



For breakfast, I had our last muffin with cottage cheese and fresh raspberries. Then I enjoyed an over easy egg over wilted greens with everything bagel seasoning.

Had to get our selfie out front of our place before we hit the road!


Matt had forgot to renew his driver’s license, and it was set to expire on his birthday. When he tried to do so online, it wouldn’t process. He went down to the department, and they told him the system was down across the area. Cue a mini panic given he’d be driving the truck and trailer on Sunday and Monday. Thankfully, they called us before we had left town, and he was able to get it renewed. Phew!

While he in their office, I snacked on this yogurt. I loved it!


I packed us each a Hilary’s vegetable burger with avocado, greens, and Caesar dressing on GF bread for Matt and open-faced for me. The last of our red pepper on the side. I fed him while he drove then enjoyed mine.



The last truffle plus an apple for dessert.



This flavor is so good! I had never seen it before. Snag it if you see it in the store!


I wanted some coffee, so we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts where I ordered a half caf iced latte. I don’t know what I was doing with my arm. Lol! But I thought my shirt was rather appropriate. 😉

After Matt went through tech inspection and together we got our air mattress inflated and made, tent put up over the car, and everything organized, we walked the track. It is just over two miles, and boy did it feel good after a seven hour drive! It was a gorgeous evening too.



We took photos at this tree in July 2016, so we figured we’d try to recreate them.

Dinner was so simple and tasty! I brought our baked cabbage, steamed green beans, wild rice/cauliflower pearls/brown rice, and Target cooked chicken with the last of our Asian peanut butter sauce to heat in the microwave.


Dessert for me was Fage plain Greek yogurt with half a banana, half a Nature’s Valley peanut butter filled bar, and sunflower seeds.



We slept well except for our faces freezing during the night. The temperature dropped to the 50’s, and while we were warm under our covers, our faces were definitely not. But breakfast was so good! I finally found these Ore Ida scramble cups to try. We had toast with fruit spread and split a grapefruit on the side. I added cinnamon to my grapefruit.



Lovely morning selfie for ya.


All ready for his qualifying session!


I just love this sport and my husband. Sorry to gush, but I can’t help myself.


After showering. I felt like a new lady.


I had a mid-morning snack of Fage, the second half of my Nature’s Valley bar, sunflower seeds, and raspberries. We had these cups from the hotel stay that Matt and his Dad had when they first picked up the trailer in 2016. Love the mustache.

The pine trees produced such huge pinecones at the track!


Lunch was spinach, a packet of Bumble Bee jalapeno tuna, carrot, and blue corn chips enjoyed in the sunshine.


I repainted my nails while we were waiting for his race.


After he completed his race (and did very well!), I enjoyed a banana and half a packet of Justin’s almond butter.


They always hold a dinner social on Saturday night, but we haven’t eaten due to Matt having Celiac. However, Matt just gave the roll to a friend and was careful to eat what hadn’t been contaminated. While I was at first nervous, I realized he does a great job of being careful. This was so dang delicious! I ate a little beyond my fullness but left the drumstick and roll.


We again walked the track and enjoyed so. many. laughs. together!

I noshed on half the roll with Fage, honey, and cinnamon. Hit the spot.



Up and at ’em on Sunday! Despite it being chilly, I enjoyed instant oats mixed with Fage, spices, honey, raspberries, and we split a packet of Justin’s vanilla almond butter.


Birthday photo together! He turned 35 but hardly looks 30 to me. Love my handsome man.


He ran his qualifying session and then was scheduled to be the first group on the track after lunch hour. We had some of the rice mixture with sweet and spicy tuna and a carrot. I had the last of the crunchy toppings from a salad kit in a bag while Matt had sunflower seeds.


Matt took second place in his class and fourth overall for his race!!! I was such a proud wife!


His awesome plaque.

I snacked on a Larabar while we broke down our setup and got packed to leave the track for a night in downtown Savannah, GA.


Funny story: I confirmed with our hotel that we could park our truck and 26′ long enclosed trailer in their lot. Turns out, they only do valet parking and do not have said lot. They told us to call the visitor center for a parking pass. Welp, they quit issuing them for overnight parking in January. They then directed us to the convention center across the river. We ended up having to park and leave it there before taking the free ferry back across to then walk about half a mile to the hotel…with our luggage. This was after first walking around the center trying to confirm if we could, indeed, leave our vehicle and trailer there. Everyone we spoke to was like, “yea, that’s normal.” We just felt so weird about it!

Ferry selfie. I was so proud of us both for not losing our tempers but instead, we made the most of it! We ended up thinking the ferry was a fun adventure


Look how huge some of these ships were! I was amazed by the sheer size and power of them all.


I thought this was a really pretty church as we were walking to the hotel.


Matt politely explained our ordeal to the gentleman who checked us into our room, and he immediately, without hesitation, gave us each free breakfast vouchers for Monday! I was so appreciative.

After getting ready in record time, we sat out for dinner without a plan. This is so unlike me, but I’m really learning to wing it more. We settled on Belford’s, a steak and seafood restaurant. While the photo isn’t the best quality, I definitely treasure it.



We got their Dixie Lemonade, alcoholic for him, virgin for me. I loved it! I tasted his and thought mine was better.


He then got their mule, though, and I loved it. If I did choose to drink, whiskey would be my liquor of choice. Loved the addition of the berry skewer!


We split their sautéed calamari appetizer, and man was it full of flavor! They weren’t over cooked or chewy either.


I went with their shrimp and greens with tomatoes, bacon, cheese, and that grit cake that was so stinkin’ delicious! I was pleasantly full but wanted another. Haha.


Matt chose one of their specials, halibut with greens, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and lentils. It was phenomenal too!


Our waitress was great and suggested we go to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar for dessert. I got black coffee, which was very lovely.


Matt got one of their alcoholic hot coffee drinks, and it was so good too!


They were SO sweet and surprised him with one of their white chocolate covered strawberries after I told them it was his birthday!




Matt enjoyed their chocolate flourless torte with raspberries, and it was decadent and perfect.


I had to go with their peanut butter chocolate pie. Y’all, the crust, the peanut butter mousse filling. It was so divine! Unfortunately, I left my other half in the hotel mini fridge. Womp womp.


As we were walking back to the hotel, we saw this sign. I would love to visit the café when it’s open!



After a good night’s sleep and a hot shower, we made our way downstairs for breakfast. This was the weekend of selfies together. :*


I started with scrambled eggs, dollop of cottage cheese, sprinkle of cheddar, taste of grits, and ate this smoked salmon caper cream cheese bagel open-faced. Their coffee was really good in my opinion! The staff were all really friendly too.


I snagged a bite of Matt’s bacon too. So crispy and tasty.


I then got oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, pineapple, and grapefruit. Loved this creation!


Matt got a big grits, eggs, bacon, cheese bowl. The boy has an appetite!


We got coffees to go, checked out of the hotel, and we made our way over to the ferry dock. Look at this enormous freight liner from China. Matt said to remember that anytime you receive a notification that something is on back order, it probably got held up on one of these ships. Craziness!


They had a statue and sign discussing the slave history, and I loved these arrangements at the base.



After dropping off our luggage at the truck, we stopped to take a few photos at this cool wall. I got Matt this t-shirt that he actually saw advertised on his Facebook page.


I loved the shirt and thought it was really fun. That smile ❤


We stopped inside the convention center to use the restroom and saw some pretty artwork on display.

Matt was so sweet and offered to take my photo with the palm trees. It was such a perfect day! The weather was lovely, not too hot or cold.


Strike a pose!


After getting back over to downtown, we set out to explore. I saw the Olde Pink House that I had discovered in my Google searches for restaurants.


Check out these cakes on window display!

The City Market is a happening place, and on the corner is Belford’s where we dined at.


We both got some free cookie samples at this fun store.

I then caught up with my good friend, Marilyn. Ha!


McD’s is apparently bringing back Snoopy to their Happy Meals.


Matt was really sweet and let me stop at The Coffee Fox to finally get my first kolache. Kylie has written about them, but I’d never been able to try one. I had half of this cream cheese and fruit nice and warm. So good!


I also got an iced matcha latte that was perfect and refreshing.


Matt and I chose to dine at Chive Sea Bar and Lounge for lunch.


It was so fancy feeling and comfortable!


SnapChat filters together as we waited on our noms.

We loved the atmosphere!



Matt ordered a cocktail, and I enjoyed a sip.


He chose one of their lunch specials of baked snapper risotto. ‘Twas fabulous.



I enjoyed about half of their mango arugula salad with grapes, strawberries, avocado, and walnuts.


Then it was time to get back to the truck and on the road.



This is where we parked. See how it seemed strange? But it worked out well!

I decided to get myself a t-shirt souvenir that I wore home.


We walked quite a lot every day of the trip! Matt’s app tallied up a lot, and he even spent time in the race car. Our little feet were movin’.


I succeeded in feeding us this bowl for dinner, which kept perfectly in the cooler. The last of our rice mixture, vegetables, chicken, and avocado ranch dressing. I fed him bite by bite while he drove. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself! I also served as dj. 😉


I had my cookie samples from earlier for dessert.


I saw this on a sign, and it cracked up!


Once we were home, unpacked, laundry going, and babies fed, I enjoyed herbal tea with honey plus yogurt, pb, and cereal. Kaci took the absolute best care of the babies and our place while we were gone, and even cleaned their bathroom and ran our dishwasher. We are forever grateful!


I love that it’s now a short week for us. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and week ahead!

7 thoughts on “The Need for Speed, Birthday Celebrations, Exploring Savannah

  1. What a fun looking weekend with perfect weather and delish noms!!! Y’all found some cool places to eat at and areas to tour! Congrats to Matt on his award!

    Do you eat the carrot without peeling it?

    Every timeeee I see halibut, I think “maybe we can catch a ride on a fly by halibut” – Fred hahahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My gosh, hardly anything could top this trip it seems!!! It was so perfect on the weather and food. Thanks, Boo! I was so proud of him.

      We do sometimes because #lazy. 😉

      Every. Single. Time. I think of it! Hahahahahaha


  2. Happy birthday to Matt!!!!! Oh my goshhhh, I got that same card for my birthday this year too- it’s the BEST! Hands down one of my favorite cards ever! Haha, love your shirt with the Dunkin’ Donuts cup- could seriously be an ad! Wait- why was it so cold?! I love sleeping in an ice box but the 50s might be a bit too much! That ore ida scramble cup looks soo yummy- where did you find it?!

    You’re toooo cute. I love all your outfits always!

    CONGRATS TO MATT on the race!! It sounds like a day you will never forget.

    I am drooling over that calamari appetizer. Oh yummmm.

    EEEK! That grit cake reminds me so much of the ones from Nola and now I’m craving it. My mouth is literally watering. Good thing it’s dinner time… but I may need dessert first looking at this PB chocolate pie. Goooood lawd, that looks like heaven on a plate.

    Bahahha, I saw that on your insta story (about the apple) and laughed so hard. I had to share it with my sister because we would always joke with each other growing up, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor’s cute, screw the fruit”!

    I just loooved this post. What an absolutely amazing time. Thanks for sharing with us, Kori!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! Matt appreciates your birthday wishes! Haha should I submit my photo to DD’s marketing? 😉 I don’t know why it was so cold! The *only* thing we wished we had brought was a heater. We know now, though!

      Thank you! I was quite proud because I packed the night before without much thinking but really liked my outfits. Comfortable and appropriate for the weather.

      You are so right! A weekend that we’ll always cherish.

      I again thought of you with all of our seafood! I figured you would love it too!

      That grit cake was so. good. I want all of your noms from Nola, ha! Heaven on a plate for sure!

      Ohmygahh that phrase!! I’m dying! So funny. Hahahaha

      Thank you, girl!! XO

      Liked by 1 person

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