Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! Today I have a random assortment of things that have made me happy and that I would love to share with you all. I hope your week started and is ending on a good note!

Eat Healthy Designs are selling these adorable masks that are well-made, fashionable, and will provide protection. I would love the avocado one in Mason’s memory. ❤

I love this account, and I feel like this speaks to me, if only I kept plants alive.


I thought this filter, ‘Comic Book, on Insta was fun, so I took a snapshot of my favorite area in our home.


Half-caf iced latte with oat milk from Mahalo gave me such a pep in my step on Tuesday! Also, hello party pants. I’m slowly switching out my clothes for spring/summer. Going through to see what I still want, what fits, and what I want to donate.


I FINALLY have a hair appointment for May 1st, and I am *so * excited. While I’m not getting much cut at all as I am growing it out, just having my neck and bangs trimmed plus some of the weight removed will feel so fresh. This is how much it grew from early February from my one and only cut since starting this process to now. I’m proud of how quickly it seems to be growing!


I took these while on a long walk on Tuesday. Sunshine, warmth, and a walk always boosts my mood so much! It’s therapy by nature.

I had wanted to try Ragu’s cauliflower-based Alfredo sauce since seeing it in the Food and Nutrition Magazine, but I hadn’t found it. I did see this one from Kroger’s brand, so I decided to try it.


We tossed it with GF pasta, roasted broccoli, and sauteed wild shrimp with Old Bay. Turned out really well!


“Pattern Play” – I love combining polka dots and animal print.

I needed new tweezers, but y’all, the cost of some are ridiculous. $17 for one I saw at Kroger. Big fat nope. I found this set that I thought looked well-made and cute. Can’t go wrong with some color!


I have wanted to be a member of Simi’s Beautifully Imperfect group for a while now, and I decided it would be the greatest gift to myself. Some old fears and thoughts resurfaced recently that made me realize again that growth is not linear. So I proudly registered and am excited to address and work through areas where I need to focus on breaking down these thoughts and beliefs. I thought it was perfect that MHN’s message on the day I registered spoke about letting things go i.e. perfection, worry, fear, and so forth.


I’m hoping Matt and I can celebrate his birthday early this weekend with a trip to Cruze Farm! He doesn’t like to make a big deal about his birthday, but I always try to. Hope you all have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds + Favorites!

  1. I am impressed with your polka dots with animal print combination. This surely is a unique combination to look out for. Thank You for putting it together and sharing it with us. Keep sharing.


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