Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday!! It’s sunny, Matt and I got to have breakfast and enjoy time together this morning, I’m getting my hair cut this evening, and Kaci and Drew will be joining us for dinner. Can I get an amen for a stellar end to this week? So grateful! Also, Simi’s Beautifully Imperfect group officially kicked off today, and I’m very thankful I finally joined. It’s time I put some more time and effort into healing my perfectionist traits and unhelpful beliefs.

Onto some fun finds and favs as of late! These are the GF ice cream waffle cones I found, and Matt really loves them. I’ll be trying one soon as well. They are small but still a great product to have discovered.


Aldi always has their hummus game on point. Love caramelized onions, and I have yet to find Sabra’s caramelized onion hummus again.


Kaci told me about Aldi’s carrot cake hummus, and I can vouch that it is scrumptious! Perfect with apple slices, toast, waffles, yogurt, oatmeal, etc.


It doesn’t look pretty, I admit, but this breakfast was 100. I toasted a GF thin bagel, spread cream cheese, added sliced cucumber, and then I added pan-seared leftover Everything Bagel Ahi Tuna. Cuties on the side for a bright, juicy compliment.


Another morning I cooked muesli with water and oj then topped my bowl with thawed cherry medley, cottage cheese, hemp hearts, and tahini. Any fellow tahini lovahs out there?


Matt’s 37th birthday was on Wednesday, so I made a nostalgic meal for us that we used to make a lot in the early part of our relationship. I changed it up some for fun. I cooked Beyond Meat’s Hot Italian “Sausages” with caramelized onion and sauteed peppers. We enjoyed it over simple 90-second white rice. We loved this meal, and I think it was even better for lunch the next day! The sausage was very tasty. But since we know what pork sausage tastes like, it was different but still totally satisfying.


I picked up two desserts from our GF Free Reign Bakery. This was two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with chocolate frosting in the middle. Jax photo bomb!


Their strawberry cobbler bar.


We split them both and had Greek yogurt with it. I saved the cobbler bar for the next day. This dessert was very sweet, but we both agreed the yogurt balanced it so perfectly.


I have no idea why I ever put a mat at our back door because we always come in through the garage. That mat was disgusting, so I had to throw it away, and I got this beautiful one on sale from Target. So bright and cheerful!


The rose bushes around my second dialysis clinic are blooming beautifully.


And my manager at that clinic made this for the back door. So fun and pretty!


Snuggles after work with Jackson are so uplifting and warm my heart!

Kaci and Drew ordered a new dining table and chairs that she had delivered to our home since they’re in the process of finalizing the sale on their precious home. Jax had to test out the boxes, naturally. His face is so floofy and smoochable! And those paws. ❤

Rachel was such a mood this morning, and I absolutely adore snuggling with my girl!! She loved having both of us up to hand out with, and clearly she was feeling good.


I couldn’t resist and on impulse got them this toy. At first, they were not impressed. But they’ve both become very playful and have used it quite a bit!


One outfit I loved this week complete with a baby bun. 😉


Another outfit included my polka dot red midi skirt, knotted black top, silk handmade scarf, and animal print shoes. So love combining different patterns!


I don’t know who, but someone nominated me to win a gift from Rigazzi Wellness, a local business. I received a free massage, and I could not be more thankful!


Ending with a powerful message by MHN. ❤



4 thoughts on “Friday Finds + Favorites!

    1. It’s so amazing!! Highly recommend this dessert hummus. Thank you so much! I’ll pass your birthday wishes along to him!


      1. Can’t wait to hunt some down! I still haven’t made it to aldi since it’s further than most grocery stores, but seems worth it to try this 😍😋


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