Fresh Hair + Good Eats

Hello and happy Monday! The day started very dreary and rainy, but the sun is out in full force, so I will definitely be heading out for a walk once I hit “publish” on this post.


I started the day with an egg-cellent breakfast. I sandwiched a fried farm fresh egg and sautéed spinach between whole grain bread toasted with turkey deli meat and sharp cheddar. A delicious kiwi on the side.


My look for the day.


My hair before getting it cut later that day!


K Brew so graciously is giving free drip coffee to all health care workers until sometime later this month, so I popped over and got a spectacular roast, Marble City. A light roast with a medium body/flavor.


Post-haircut selfie! I am pretty close to having a graduated bob my amazing stylist, Nancy said. I love it!


She trimmed my neck and bangs then removed some extra weight with her texturizing shears.


Kaci had her appointment after me, so we were fresh-haired twinklets.


We both placed a to-go order at Surin of Thailand, but it took quite some time to be prepared. Matt and I split a tuna sushi roll, their coconut soup with chicken, and one of their curry duck entrees. It was all so good!




We watched two episodes of Ozark then crawled into bed late. We were party animals. 😉


I slept in nicely then made a Flapjack cup topped with cottage cheese and pb plus an apple on the side.


Coffee in my cat mug plus snuggles with Jax!


That face ❤


I then got to work on dusting, vacuuming, organizing, decluttering, scrubbing the toilets, washing laundry and washing the dishes. It felt so good to clean our home!


For some reason, breakfast held me over much longer than I normally can go between meals, but I finally sat down to eat because despite lower hunger cues, I knew I needed food. I enjoyed cucumber, carrots, and crackers with avocado and caramelized onion hummus. It was so flavorful. I then had the last chocolate almond biscotti with our unsweetened almond-cashew milk.


Rachel helped me big time with the laundry! She tucked herself into the towels. She’s so damn cute!


I quickly got ready and went fresh-faced for my errands.


My first attempt at styling my new cut. I want to get a round brush, but my paddle brush seemed to give it nice volume.

I dropped off donations at Goodwill and found one cute top. I then shopped at Kroger and put away all of our goods.

For dinner, we enjoyed simple 90-second brown rice, rotisserie chicken, and roasted green beans and mushrooms topped with caramelized onions sautéed with artichoke hearts, spices, and GF bread crumbs. A mixture of store-bought and homemade that gave us a tasty, quick meal.


For a late snack, I had a banana with Fage unsweetened vanilla yogurt and granola. We finished the last two episodes of Ozark, and for anyone following, that ending was crazy!! Excited to see where it heads in season four.



Sunday was rather uneventful because I had to stick around the house. I have had IBS since I was about 13 or 14, and I wanted to be sure all was well with my GI. So I elected to have a colonoscopy, which is a pretty big deal for me. Several years ago, I developed/realized how much anxiety I had around health, and I hated to go to the doctor. I went to my dental, vision, and female appointments but struggled to find a PCP I trusted. I found one last year who is phenomenal, and I decided to pursue a GI evaluation. I am proud that I did it, but the prep was no joke. It wasn’t bad on my stomach – no cramping or discomfort – but having to fast and drink copious amounts of water and a laxative isn’t for the faint of heart. 😉 I know for whatever reason, it seems taboo to talk about this procedure, but we’re all human. So I wanted to share as I have no shame in wanting it done.

The babies kept me company. ❤ ❤ I didn’t get a photo with sweet Rachel, but she was my girl. Stayed with me as I walked around the house to keep from feeling a tad stir-crazy. The day was so beautiful that I felt a smidge gipped not getting to enjoy it. Matt went fishing with two friends, so I was glad he got to soak up some sun!



I also repurposed this candle holder into a pot for another faux succulent arrangement. Really happy with this one!




I didn’t sleep well but had to be up at 4:45 to finish my prep. Ooph. Matt had to drop me off at the endoscopy center but couldn’t come inside because of Covid-19. They were really prompt and polite. I was thankful for all who tended to me. I was in and out of the building in two hours. I’m really grateful that my results were very good! My doctor did take some biopsies of my large intestine to thoroughly check, and I’m hoping all is well there too. It does give me peace of mind.

Once in the car, I ate a cranberry almond Gluten Free Bar that curbed my hunger for a bit. I then sipped on coffee when I got home. It was so warm and comforting.

After I showered, I felt much better. Although my nose has been really runny and sneezy. Ugh! I hope it’s nothing. I had to wear oxygen, and I at first thought it dried out my nose. But the sneezing worries me. Geez. Matt had enjoyed breakfast at Cracker Barrel while he waited on me, and he brought me back two biscuits. So thoughtful! I had a cheesy scrambled egg with the last of my turkey burger over wilted spinach, biscuit with concord grape jelly, avocado, and a cutie. Hit the spot!


That pretty much catches y’all up to speed. I’m going to put on my sandals and sunscreen and head out for a walk now. I hope you all have a fantastic day and week ahead! I’ll be back on Friday for another round of my finds + favs.

6 thoughts on “Fresh Hair + Good Eats

  1. Right off the bat, I’m just wishing I could reach through the screen for that egg sammy- literally nothing looks better at the moment!

    I love that picture of K Brew in front of that house- they could use that for advertising!

    I cannot believe how quickly your hair is growing- it looks awesome!

    Ohhhh okay the next combo to try– cottage cheese & pb!

    Your living room is so adorable, warm and inviting- I love all your colorful touches.

    Aw thanks for sharing about your experience—definitely no shame- it’s incredibly relatable. Also, I’m so glad you have found a PCP you love. That’s been my problem right now too- and it really makes a huge difference in feeling empowered with your own health. I am so happy to hear all came back well 🙂 ❤ Praying those final bx results are great too!

    So smart to repurpose the candles!! I neeed to do this. It feels wrong throwing a great candle base away.

    Thanks for the update, great snack and craft ideas 🙂 Have a great Thursday, Kori!


    1. I wish I could make you one of these egg sandwiches! It was so satisfying!!

      Wow, thank you so much for that!! You are the queen at taking stellar photos for restaurants, so it means a great deal coming from you.

      Thank you! I am so loving this change and this cut!

      Kroger has been out of their natural creamy, so we’ve been forced to eat their crunchy. I’ve actually discovered how much I love it! So crunchy would add the perfect texture to creamy dreamy cottage cheese. I just had the two together this morning with shredded wheat, loads of cinnamon, and banana!

      Thank you very much. ❤ I have a definite love for colorful pieces and sometimes the more unique the better. 🙂

      I appreciate you saying that. When I told Matt that only one of my friends at work knew why I wouldn't be at work, he asked why it mattered that people knew. That made me realize I was wrongfully carrying some shame for wanting/needing this exam. I am so grateful to say that all my results were negative for IBD's or cancer. It seems I am all well and just have IBS, which is what I needed to know. I have a follow-up in June to speak with an NP. I so hope you find a great PCP because it does make you feel empowered! Like you have someone in your corner.

      I hope you find some fun uses for your candle bases!

      You are so very welcome! Thank you for reading, friend. xo


      1. I just typed up a whole response but I got the “error” when responding button- I hope it went through but if not I just said it’s the best news that all is well!! ❤️🙏🏻And I’m so glad you came to that realization because even by sharing this I’m sure you’ve made others not feel alone too ☺️

        Oh and I said I haveeee to try that Crunchy PB combo! Time for me to eat lunch… or dinner… or breakfast. I really don’t even know anymore 🤪


        1. Oh goodness, WP, get it together! Thank you for taking the time to re-write to me! Thank you so very much!! I do hope that by sharing, others who may want or need this procedure will feel no less than for scheduling it.

          Yes!! I just finished a jar of crunchy pb with Fage Trublend vanilla yogurt. So. Good. It’s a brunch/linner kinda meal! Just mix sweet and savory, and you’ll hit all the notes. 😉 Love ya, friend!


          1. Lol yeah WP what the heckkk. And yesss im sure it has and will accomplish just that! I actually am in a similar boat about some hormone testing- so this might be the push I need to actually go get it done. So thank you 💕 and ohhh that is making my mouth water- Fage is my faveeee. when I get back I’m doing a huge grocery haul and will have to add this all to the list! Love u!! 💜


            1. I hope you find a doctor you fully trust and can receive peace of mind!! I pray all is well, friend.

              I have tried a number of yogurt brands, but Fage has remained my favorite! Matt loves it too. Yes, enjoy all of those delectable meals when you get home! ❤


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