Friday Finds + Favorites!

Happy Friday! It’s that time to share my current finds and favorites that give me joy. I sure hope this sparks inspiration, and I would love for you to share any of yours in the comments!

Kaci and Drew sold their precious home, but they are in the process of finding their next with the market not being that great in terms of selections. They will be moving in with his parents’ temporarily, so they’ll need to find a storage unit. She so kindly chose to give me her Pioneer Woman measuring cups and spoons rather than to put them in storage. She has displayed rather than used them, and she wanted me to be able to enjoy them. I’d like to think I’m babysitting them because if she wants them back, that’s absolutely fine. Aren’t they so pretty? I love all of Ree’s products and designs!

I bought this sweater from Sarah @etcbysarah on Instagram. I highly recommend you follow her! She has wonderful content and clothes. I love how unique this sweater is with the embroidered flowers.


While it’s not a huge difference or fancy style, I just love how much better my hair looks and feels to me now that it has been cut. It looks fuller and better syled in my opinion now when I pin it back.

I also bought this bag from her. So cute!! I’ve wanted a bag like this for a long time now, and I’m glad I waited. She said she believed it was made in Bali, and I love the addition of the pom poms.


I invested in another Not Perfect Linen piece, and this time I chose one of their jumpsuits. I adore the color and fit! It’s so comfortable, flattering, and versatile.




I dropped off some donations at Goodwill and found this teal+mustard Loft top for only $2.99. It is so comfortable with a fun print! One of my friends at work said it looked, “grown up”. I knew what she meant – a pretty blouse that is mature.


I paired it with a pair of my statement earrings to highlight the green from the print.



So funny story: as I was walking back up to our front porch from an evening walk last week, something purple in the bushes caught my eye. The bushes you see to the right of my photos were concealing this never-opened 53-piece Hyper Tough tool kit! It was obviously gross for being outside for who knows how long, but I cleaned it up and organized all my tools. I just pretend it already looks “tough” and used. 😉 I am not really sure how to use half of these or what I’ll need them for, but ya girl is ready!

Kaci ordered more razors and soap bars from Harry’s, and she received three soap bars. She chose to give me one, and it smells so lovely. I also appreciate how cute the inside of the box is – the details really matter to me.

After getting my hair cut, my sweet stylist used this product, and I loved how it looked and held. I have been using Aquage since getting my pixie, and I intend to continue to do so. Love their products, and again, their packaging is so pretty!


Kroger was nearly all wiped out of cleaning supplies, but I chose this all-purpose cleaner by Method. It smells amazing! It isn’t harsh or bothersome to my nose, and it cleans well. Dare I say it makes cleaning more enjoyable?


I bought this shower curtain in December 2018 but tucked it away only wanting to use it once we found and bought a home. I realized it is ridiculous to not enjoy it now. Just like one doesn’t have to wait to do x, y or z until he/she has the “perfect” body, I can choose to love our townhome now instead of only thinking of buying a home one day. I love how our “bird on branch” theme has taken flight. Haha.


This fabric flower we’ve had for a while now in a vase on Matt’s side of the vanity even matches nicely!


I love humorous memes and the Golden Girls!


For Cinco de Mayo, we had sweet potatoes over wilted greens and stuffed with Amy’s medium vegetarian chili, freshly shredded cheddar, avocado, pickled jalapenos, and Greek yogurt. I followed Anne’s microwave technique to cook the sweet potatoes rather than to turn on the oven for just two. Dinner came together in no time! Also, how adorable is Jackson?


I then enjoyed the rest of the chili for breakfast warmed over wilted greens and a Cracker Barrel buttermilk biscuit, all topped with a sunny side up egg. So good!


Kath shared a recipe for a Caprese Pasta Salad, and I immediately knew I would make it this week! We used Ancient Harvest chickpea elbows, and it was fantastic.


During an evening walk, I snapped these two photos. The roses are at the entrance to our complex. Color and blooms really make my heart happy.

As always, I love to end on a positive note as we go into our weekend. Have a great one!


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