Mother’s Day Weekend

Hello, and happy Monday! The sun is shining here, and our forecast calls for it to get back to the 80’s by Thursday. I’d settle for temperatures in the 70’s, but bring on the warmth again! Let’s get on to the weekend recap.


This was quite an epic bagel sandwich! I toasted a K Brew jalapeno cheddar bagel that I then layered with a soft cooked egg, avocado, wilted greens, and strawberry jam. Stellar combo of sweet, savory, and a little bit of spice! The raccoon on our calendar looked like he wanted a bite. Ha!


We had leftover caprese pasta salad for lunch, and then for dinner we had rotisserie chicken with sauteed seasoned green beans, and I had mine with Aldi salt and vinegar quinoa chips dipped in salsa.


Matt mixed his chicken with poppy seed dressing and had it with a Canyon Bakehouse English Muffin.


Day-sert included yogurt, kiwi, mixed roasted nuts, and granola. Naturally I sipped on my lemon ginger tea with honey. Still a fav and going strong! I haven’t been in the mood to watch anything, so I relaxed with a word find.



Matt kindly got up and fed our sweeties, and then we slept in for a bit. It felt marvelous. I chose to have an oatmeal muffin with cottage cheese and Kodiak Cakes apricot syrup that they sent for free (!) plus half a banana with crunchy pb on the side.


Matt has been cooking his eggs in our small saucepan, and it seems to make them extra fluffy. I’ll need to try it this week! He had them with melted cheddar and avocado on an English muffin.


I completed a longer Unmeasured workout that felt very challenging in a great way. I took modifications and breaks as needed. Then I got showered and put on my comfy casual best. I live for joggers. They are the right level of casual while still being able to be worn out and about.


Despite it being a little chilly on Saturday, I was craving a smoothie. I blended the rest of my banana, frozen cherries and mixed fruit, fresh frozen spinach (thanks to Simi’s tip!), vanilla yogurt, and vanilla cashew almond milk. I topped my bowl with tahini and shredded wheat.


I went by K Brew for my last free coffee thanks to their offer then over to Kaci and Drew’s. They’ve started the process of moving some of their belongings into storage, so we took several loads and began to organize it. They are handling this so well, and I’m so proud of them!

I wanted to treat us to Adopo Pizza, and they’ve been offereing what they call a “trust fall”. They choose two pizzas, an appetizer, a bottle of wine, and gelato for a set price. I loved being surprised!

I placed the order online then went to sit in their pickup line. The sky was beautiful. I cannot wait to dine-in one day.


I wore this mask just for when I unrolled the window to get our noms.


This whole meal was said to serve two, but it was plenty filling. The appetizer included bread, housemade pickles, sweet salty olives, mozzarella, cured meat, and pesto.


After one more trip to the storage unit and then to Target, we all enjoyed dinner together. Kaci made us deeelicious salads to start.


The ‘za! They gave us a tomato and pesto variety as well as a pepperoni pesto. They also included stracciatella cheese to put on top of the tomato pesto, and peppers + honey for the pepperoni. Both were stellar! All we had to do was reheat at 400 degrees for five minutes. They have switched from their sourdough base to be able to still provide during this weird time. They explained more about the crust here.


They included Cinnamon Toast Crunch gelato. YUM.


We split it, and Kaci and I had a sugar cookie with it.


Sunday // Mother’s Day

I got up and fed the babies, then we slept in again. I still like to get up by the nine o’clock hour so as not to sleep away the day, but even sleeping until then feels glorious. I had a simple bowl of cereal that mixed shredded wheat with Multigrain Cheerios, hemp hearts, crunchy pb, milk, and an apple on the side.


This memory brightened my heart! I’m so grateful to be their mama.


Rachel’s snuggles melt my heart.


Sweet Jax decided to soak up those rays of warm sunshine.


I miss my mom so much and wish more than anything she and I could have one girls’ day together. I was a baby (18) when she passed. I have so much to tell her and ask her, but I feel comfort knowing she lives on in my heart as well as Kaci’s. She was selfless, hardworking, strong, and loving.


I’m also so grateful for Karin for being a mother to me for over half my life! She has helped me out of some dark times, and despite not being blood-related, I feel so very similar in many ways.


Kaci decided to try Manime, but her sets didn’t fit her nails as well as they should. Thankfully, their customer service is great, and they are sending her another order for free. She gave these to me to try. I botched the application because I didn’t think to use nail clippers to trim the excess. I ordered a set of my own to try.

For lunch, I mixed roasted garlic and caramelized onion hummus varieties with mashed avocado and shredded parm from Adopo. I dipped carrots into it, and I had the last two slices of pizza. I also ate some more of my Cruze Farm coffee toffee churn that I had in the freezer. So good!

I took my car through the carwash, and despite her fair share of dings and wear and tear, she was sparkling.


I went by Stanley’s Greenhouse and, along with half of Knoxville, chose some new plants for our front porch! I’m just hoping to keep them well. I certainly will put forth more effort to care for them.




I hung out with Kaci and Drew, and we all made a quick trip to Home Depot together. I found the foaming wall cleaner we’ve wanted, but so far, it’s not doing much. I’ll keep trying because I want our place to be as nice as possible.

Matt was so kind and found a way to hang my plant! I love how the other one drapes down the garden cart. I also bought a hydrangea that I think is just so pretty. We need to touch up the chairs and clean the porch, but this makes me smile.



I love hydrangeas! They almost look unreal with the colors they can take on from the pH of the soil.



I completed an Unmeasured workout, and then Matt got home in time for us to make dinner together. I loved it! We made lasagna roll-ups using leftover roasted tomatoes, steamed artichoke hearts, sauteed yellow squash/onion/garlic, pesto, and mozzarella pearls. We also cooked mild Italian sausages that we cut into fourths and rolled inside. We added pesto to the top, but without a sauce, we realized we should’ve covered the dish in foil. The tops of the pasta were chewy, but we’ll nail it next time. They were still so delicious! We had a salad on the side.



I had half a grapefruit with a sprinkle of muesli, granola, and nuts plus my tea. I was still hungry, so I had a baby mug of the remainder of the muesli with some granola, nuts, and cashew almond milk. It did the trick and satisfied me.



Today marks nine years ago that I graduated from undergrad. So hard to believe!! Jackson hadn’t even been born yet. Mason and Rachel were and always will be our sweet cheerleaders!



Have a wonderful day and week ahead! As always, please feel free to share any fun things you did or ate this weekend!

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