Friday Finds + Favorites!

The weather finally feels like spring again! Well, a bit like summer if we want to be technical, but anything is better than the cold snap we experienced. I have saved up some things I’ve been enjoying lately, and I hope they prove to be interesting and inspiring to you!

First up is this delicious apricot syrup by Kodiak Cakes. I’m a member of their RD Program, and they send me samples to try and review. Matt and I think this is like a thinned jam that can be drizzled over pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, oatmeal muffins, in dressings, etc. It’s full of flavor!


For breakfast on Wednesday, I had half a baked sweet potato with Fage TruBlend Vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, tahini, whole meal ground flax, hemp hearts, and the apricot syrup. It was an awesome combo! It made me think of Mack and her love of sweet potatoes for breakfast. 🙂


They also sent these buttermilk pancake boxes that I’ve been giving out to family and friends to spread the Kodiak Cakes cheer!


I found these Canyon Bakehouse GF English muffins at Wal-Mart of all places, and while they aren’t technically English muffins in texture, they’re very good! They’re more like an English muffin-hamburger bun hybrid, if that makes sense.


I made Alexis’ Fluffy Orange Muffins after work on Monday, and all I can say is make these as soon as you can!! I substituted with Bob’s Red Mill one-for-one GF flour, and they are phenomenal. I enjoyed my first one with her healthy cream cheese frosting, and it tasted like a delicate, special wedding cake. So good!

On Monday morning, I decided to enjoy the last of our Adopo Pizza appetizer for breakfast along with an over easy egg. I had a grapefruit half with cinnamon on the side, and this breakfast was so good!


Dr. Praeger’s Black Bean Quinoa burgers are one of my fav go-to’s. So good! We had them with a huge salad full of color and flavor. I had poppyseed dressing plus blue corn chips.


I love trying new products, and something I find fascinating is all the creative ways to consume legumes. Something to note, though is that even if you like this type of product, legume-based pasta, and cauliflower rice for example, it does not mean you are engaging in disordered or dieting behaviors. The key is to not feel afraid of  or restrict the original foods. If we have cauliflower rice, we also add a carb source to the meal. Just a little tidbit of info to ensure my thoughts behind choosing some products is from a curiousity, having-fun-in-the-kitchen mentality. 🙂


Speaking of delish carbs, I wanted to get a facnier rice, and this sounded like it fit the bill! I love rice medleys.


We enjoy everything from poultry and meat to seafood and vegetarian. I thought this sounded so good and would make for a quick meal one weeknight.


I splurged on this half roundbrush to see if it would help my not-a-pixie-not-yet-a-bob hairdo. Ha! It added some more volume and brought out the layers so far as I could tell.

Kaci kindly let me borrow her Not Perfect Linen MAMA dress, and it was so comfy and fun! I just love their flow-y clothes.

Fresenius Kidney Care provided a t-shirt for us all to show our “FKC Strong” pride. I wore mine with my black pixie pants and my silk neck scarf to add a little retro vibes.

I ordered these products to help with pesky hairs and am hoping they are effective!


I ordered this digital pet feeder for Jackson in the hopes that it would help him to eat his meals throughout the day rather than having to wait until we get home to have his food. Plus he wakes us early some mornings, so we’re hoping he’ll understand that he will be fed at a set time. Poor Jax just doesn’t have great hunger/fullness cues that I attribute to him not being weaned properly. Figuring out the settings has been tricky, and we felt he would probably be the first cat to break into it given how much he dug at it and nearly flipped it over! He could smell the food, so we felt bad that it was like a tease. We’re hoping this routine will work for us all. I’ll try to report back after giving it more time!

I wish you all the very best Friday and weekend ahead!! Please pop in and share any fun finds in the comments!


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