My Story

Welcome to Who Gives a Hoot RD! I hope you will find my blog both fun and inspiring. I officially became a Registered Dietitian on February 14, 2014 after passing my examination. I was beyond thrilled and relieved and could not wait to begin putting my knowledge to work!

To back-track a bit, I briefly want to touch on my schooling and how I became passionate about nutrition. When I entered college the fall of 2006, I did not know what I wanted to pursue. I, like many fresh college students, was overwhelmed and focused on just doing well in my initial courses. I had become interested in cooking with my then boyfriend, now husband, and over time, I developed a greater interest in nutrition. I wanted to understand the food that I was preparing and consuming. After speaking with a well-known RD in the community, I decided that I wanted nothing more than to pursue nutrition as my career. After completing my general coursework at a local community college, I transferred to The University of Tennessee-Knoxville August 2008 and enrolled in their program. I proudly graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition with a minor in Food Services System Management. It was not until my senior year that I realized a Master’s Degree would be needed to complete the Dietetic Internship, thus allowing me to take the exam. With a great deal of support from my family and friends, I managed to complete the program, present and pass my thesis defense, and graduate from the internship – all at The University of Tennessee.

I am so very thankful to be where I am today and to have discovered my interest so early on in my young adulthood. I continue to be inspired by so many people. I feel fortunate to be able to pass along my knowledge to others in a variety of ways. I look forward to doing so on this platform!

Since starting this blog, I have truly grown and shed a great deal of perfectionism traits as well as disordered eating. I discovered Intuitive Eating sometime in 2016 and began applying the principles to my eating as well as the rest of my life. It’s not always been easy to let go of those nagging thoughts, but I’ve wanted to be open and share my journey. I’m constantly learning and working to better myself, and I hope this can serve as inspiration to others. So this is the idea behind Who Gives a Hoot: I don’t give a hoot about diets, the diet industry, tracking macros or any of the like. What I DO give a hoot about is listening to one’s own internal cues and allowing these to guide their eating, to care for oneself as a whole, and to live a full life.

Below are some of the most incredibly important people in my life – my husband, Matt; my twin sister, Kaci, and my family – who have supported me all along the way. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Also, we have three adorable purr-babies that make life so much richer plus my sweet pup-nephew! Mason bravely fought cancer for one year, but he gained his wings May 30, 2018. Even still, we say we have, not had, three babies because we always will.

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