Friday Finds + Favorites!

The weather finally feels like spring again! Well, a bit like summer if we want to be technical, but anything is better than the cold snap we experienced. I have saved up some things I’ve been enjoying lately, and I hope they prove to be interesting and inspiring to you!

First up is this delicious apricot syrup by Kodiak Cakes. I’m a member of their RD Program, and they send me samples to try and review. Matt and I think this is like a thinned jam that can be drizzled over pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, oatmeal muffins, in dressings, etc. It’s full of flavor!


For breakfast on Wednesday, I had half a baked sweet potato with Fage TruBlend Vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, tahini, whole meal ground flax, hemp hearts, and the apricot syrup. It was an awesome combo! It made me think of Mack and her love of sweet potatoes for breakfast. ๐Ÿ™‚


They also sent these buttermilk pancake boxes that I’ve been giving out to family and friends to spread the Kodiak Cakes cheer!


I found these Canyon Bakehouse GF English muffins at Wal-Mart of all places, and while they aren’t technically English muffins in texture, they’re very good! They’re more like an English muffin-hamburger bun hybrid, if that makes sense.


I made Alexis’ Fluffy Orange Muffins after work on Monday, and all I can say is make these as soon as you can!! I substituted with Bob’s Red Mill one-for-one GF flour, and they are phenomenal. I enjoyed my first one with her healthy cream cheese frosting, and it tasted like a delicate, special wedding cake. So good!

On Monday morning, I decided to enjoy the last of our Adopo Pizza appetizer for breakfast along with an over easy egg. I had a grapefruit half with cinnamon on the side, and this breakfast was so good!


Dr. Praeger’s Black Bean Quinoa burgers are one of my fav go-to’s. So good! We had them with a huge salad full of color and flavor. I had poppyseed dressing plus blue corn chips.


I love trying new products, and something I find fascinating is all the creative ways to consume legumes. Something to note, though is that even if you like this type of product, legume-based pasta, and cauliflower rice for example, it does not mean you are engaging in disordered or dieting behaviors. The key is to not feel afraid ofย  or restrict the original foods. If we have cauliflower rice, we also add a carb source to the meal. Just a little tidbit of info to ensure my thoughts behind choosing some products is from a curiousity, having-fun-in-the-kitchen mentality. ๐Ÿ™‚


Speaking of delish carbs, I wanted to get a facnier rice, and this sounded like it fit the bill! I love rice medleys.


We enjoy everything from poultry and meat to seafood and vegetarian. I thought this sounded so good and would make for a quick meal one weeknight.


I splurged on this half roundbrush to see if it would help my not-a-pixie-not-yet-a-bob hairdo. Ha! It added some more volume and brought out the layers so far as I could tell.

Kaci kindly let me borrow her Not Perfect Linen MAMA dress, and it was so comfy and fun! I just love their flow-y clothes.

Fresenius Kidney Care provided a t-shirt for us all to show our “FKC Strong” pride. I wore mine with my black pixie pants and my silk neck scarf to add a little retro vibes.

I ordered these products to help with pesky hairs and am hoping they are effective!


I ordered this digital pet feeder for Jackson in the hopes that it would help him to eat his meals throughout the day rather than having to wait until we get home to have his food. Plus he wakes us early some mornings, so we’re hoping he’ll understand that he will be fed at a set time. Poor Jax just doesn’t have great hunger/fullness cues that I attribute to him not being weaned properly. Figuring out the settings has been tricky, and we felt he would probably be the first cat to break into it given how much he dug at it and nearly flipped it over! He could smell the food, so we felt bad that it was like a tease. We’re hoping this routine will work for us all. I’ll try to report back after giving it more time!

I wish you all the very best Friday and weekend ahead!! Please pop in and share any fun finds in the comments!


Friday Finds + Favorites!

Happy Friday! It’s that time to share my current finds and favorites that give me joy. I sure hope this sparks inspiration, and I would love for you to share any of yours in the comments!

Kaci and Drew sold their precious home, but they are in the process of finding their next with the market not being that great in terms of selections. They will be moving in with his parents’ temporarily, so they’ll need to find a storage unit. She so kindly chose to give me her Pioneer Woman measuring cups and spoons rather than to put them in storage. She has displayed rather than used them, and she wanted me to be able to enjoy them. I’d like to think I’m babysitting them because if she wants them back, that’s absolutely fine. Aren’t they so pretty? I love all of Ree’s products and designs!

I bought this sweater from Sarah @etcbysarah on Instagram. I highly recommend you follow her! She has wonderful content and clothes. I love how unique this sweater is with the embroidered flowers.


While it’s not a huge difference or fancy style, I just love how much better my hair looks and feels to me now that it has been cut. It looks fuller and better syled in my opinion now when I pin it back.

I also bought this bag from her. So cute!! I’ve wanted a bag like this for a long time now, and I’m glad I waited. She said she believed it was made in Bali, and I love the addition of the pom poms.


I invested in another Not Perfect Linen piece, and this time I chose one of their jumpsuits. I adore the color and fit! It’s so comfortable, flattering, and versatile.




I dropped off some donations at Goodwill and found this teal+mustard Loft top for only $2.99. It is so comfortable with a fun print! One of my friends at work said it looked, “grown up”. I knew what she meant – a pretty blouse that is mature.


I paired it with a pair of my statement earrings to highlight the green from the print.



So funny story: as I was walking back up to our front porch from an evening walk last week, something purple in the bushes caught my eye. The bushes you see to the right of my photos were concealing this never-opened 53-piece Hyper Tough tool kit! It was obviously gross for being outside for who knows how long, but I cleaned it up and organized all my tools. I just pretend it already looks “tough” and used. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am not really sure how to use half of these or what I’ll need them for, but ya girl is ready!

Kaci ordered more razors and soap bars from Harry’s, and she received three soap bars. She chose to give me one, and it smells so lovely. I also appreciate how cute the inside of the box is – the details really matter to me.

After getting my hair cut, my sweet stylist used this product, and I loved how it looked and held. I have been using Aquage since getting my pixie, and I intend to continue to do so. Love their products, and again, their packaging is so pretty!


Kroger was nearly all wiped out of cleaning supplies, but I chose this all-purpose cleaner by Method. It smells amazing! It isn’t harsh or bothersome to my nose, and it cleans well. Dare I say it makes cleaning more enjoyable?


I bought this shower curtain in December 2018 but tucked it away only wanting to use it once we found and bought a home. I realized it is ridiculous to not enjoy it now. Just like one doesn’t have to wait to do x, y or z until he/she has the “perfect” body, I can choose to love our townhome now instead of only thinking of buying a home one day. I love how our “bird on branch” theme has taken flight. Haha.


This fabric flower we’ve had for a while now in a vase on Matt’s side of the vanity even matches nicely!


I love humorous memes and the Golden Girls!


For Cinco de Mayo, we had sweet potatoes over wilted greens and stuffed with Amy’s medium vegetarian chili, freshly shredded cheddar, avocado, pickled jalapenos, and Greek yogurt. I followed Anne’s microwave technique to cook the sweet potatoes rather than to turn on the oven for just two. Dinner came together in no time! Also, how adorable is Jackson?


I then enjoyed the rest of the chili for breakfast warmed over wilted greens and a Cracker Barrel buttermilk biscuit, all topped with a sunny side up egg. So good!


Kath shared a recipe for a Caprese Pasta Salad, and I immediately knew I would make it this week! We used Ancient Harvest chickpea elbows, and it was fantastic.


During an evening walk, I snapped these two photos. The roses are at the entrance to our complex. Color and blooms really make my heart happy.

As always, I love to end on a positive note as we go into our weekend. Have a great one!


Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday!! It’s sunny, Matt and I got to have breakfast and enjoy time together this morning, I’m getting my hair cut this evening, and Kaci and Drew will be joining us for dinner. Can I get an amen for a stellar end to this week? So grateful! Also, Simi’s Beautifully Imperfect group officially kicked off today, and I’m very thankful I finally joined. It’s time I put some more time and effort into healing my perfectionist traits and unhelpful beliefs.

Onto some fun finds and favs as of late! These are the GF ice cream waffle cones I found, and Matt really loves them. I’ll be trying one soon as well. They are small but still a great product to have discovered.


Aldi always has their hummus game on point. Love caramelized onions, and I have yet to find Sabra’s caramelized onion hummus again.


Kaci told me about Aldi’s carrot cake hummus, and I can vouch that it is scrumptious! Perfect with apple slices, toast, waffles, yogurt, oatmeal, etc.


It doesn’t look pretty, I admit, but this breakfast was 100. I toasted a GF thin bagel, spread cream cheese, added sliced cucumber, and then I added pan-seared leftover Everything Bagel Ahi Tuna. Cuties on the side for a bright, juicy compliment.


Another morning I cooked muesli with water and oj then topped my bowl with thawed cherry medley, cottage cheese, hemp hearts, and tahini. Any fellow tahini lovahs out there?


Matt’s 37th birthday was on Wednesday, so I made a nostalgic meal for us that we used to make a lot in the early part of our relationship. I changed it up some for fun. I cooked Beyond Meat’s Hot Italian “Sausages” with caramelized onion and sauteed peppers. We enjoyed it over simple 90-second white rice. We loved this meal, and I think it was even better for lunch the next day! The sausage was very tasty. But since we know what pork sausage tastes like, it was different but still totally satisfying.


I picked up two desserts from our GF Free Reign Bakery. This was two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with chocolate frosting in the middle. Jax photo bomb!


Their strawberry cobbler bar.


We split them both and had Greek yogurt with it. I saved the cobbler bar for the next day. This dessert was very sweet, but we both agreed the yogurt balanced it so perfectly.


I have no idea why I ever put a mat at our back door because we always come in through the garage. That mat was disgusting, so I had to throw it away, and I got this beautiful one on sale from Target. So bright and cheerful!


The rose bushes around my second dialysis clinic are blooming beautifully.


And my manager at that clinic made this for the back door. So fun and pretty!


Snuggles after work with Jackson are so uplifting and warm my heart!

Kaci and Drew ordered a new dining table and chairs that she had delivered to our home since they’re in the process of finalizing the sale on their precious home. Jax had to test out the boxes, naturally. His face is so floofy and smoochable! And those paws. โค

Rachel was such a mood this morning, and I absolutely adore snuggling with my girl!! She loved having both of us up to hand out with, and clearly she was feeling good.


I couldn’t resist and on impulse got them this toy. At first, they were not impressed. But they’ve both become very playful and have used it quite a bit!


One outfit I loved this week complete with a baby bun. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Another outfit included my polka dot red midi skirt, knotted black top, silk handmade scarf, and animal print shoes. So love combining different patterns!


I don’t know who, but someone nominated me to win a gift from Rigazzi Wellness, a local business. I received a free massage, and I could not be more thankful!


Ending with a powerful message by MHN. โค



Quarantine & Chill

Hello, and happy Monday, friends! I don’t know about you, but for us, the weekend weather was rather rainy and chilly, but of course today it’s sunny and mild. Go figures. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let’s jump into a little weekend recap, shall we?


I started the day on a very deeeelicious note. I had the last of my carrot cake baked oatmeal with cream cheese frosting and raisins with fluffy scrambled eggs over greens with avocado. This plate had so much flavor!


I’m slowly bringing my pixie pants back as I change out my clothes for spring/summer.


Matt and I took our engagement photos four years ago from Friday, and it was so fun looking back at some of them!



We basically laugh like crazy in all of our photos. ๐Ÿ™‚


I made this and was admittedly really proud of it. We have it displayed in our upstairs hallway. โค


I so love where we took our photos because it had the perfect vibe. I mean, this purple wall was so fun!



On a whim, we decided to photograph us eating the banana muffins I had made and brought just in case we wanted a snack. So perfect for us as we love to cook together, and he introduced me to my love of cooking!


Field of clovers.



Alright, so back to Friday. A drug representative catered Olive Garden for us, and it was very tasty! Chicken parmesan, cheesy pasta, spaghetti, salad, and a breadstick.


Plus a mini cheesecake cup.


I finally hung our skeleton, and we made him first demonstrate the importance of protecting ourselves from Covid-19. Our patients are being asked to submit name suggestions.


Matt came home earlier than I expected, and it was such a treat! We relaxed for a bit before I made dinner. I had the last of our Dr. Praeger’s burgers with a thin GF bagel spread with garlic hummus, roasted broccoli, and baby carrots. It hit the spot.


I snacked on a mug of shredded wheat with pb and milk plus an apple and my tea with honey while we watched Ozark season three. It’s getting so twisted and crazy! Anyone else a fan?



I made a really enjoyable oatmeal muffin topped with thawed fruit, cottage cheese, pb, and local honey.



I think my favorite thing about this photo is the plunger and toilet bowl brush. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The babies were rather naughty, so I was up earlier than I expected to be. I was rockin’ some stellar bedhead.


Jax is so bad but so damn cute!


Rachel always wants to talk about allthethings at very early hours of the morning. But they’re just so cute and precious.


We miss our baby boy so damn much!! Look at those paws. โค


A cat cafe that is set to open later this spring/early summer shared this fun cat bingo that I had to play.


And Barre3 shared a word find.


Kaci came over as I was finishing an Unmeasured workout, and then I heated this frozen butternut squash ravioli entree for lunch, and I had it over wilted greens plus an apple for a sweet finish.


I got showered and put my “quarantine look” together. Kase and I watched The Office bloopers and had some really good laughs!


We snuggled with the babies, and then she left to go back home and help Drew with some tasks. I tried my hand at whipped Dolgona coffee. Nailed it! Next time I’ll boil the water on the stove because I think microwaving it may have had an effect. I used my electric frother wand, but it just didn’t want to cooperate. I had it over unsweetened vanilla protein almond-cashew milk, and it still tasted really good!

I went to Aldi and then to Kroger for a few things before getting back home.

I snacked on the last of our fan-say potato chips with carrots and hummus.


For dinner, I made Julie’s Everything Bagel Seared Tuna with sauteed green beans tossed in the dressing from this recipe. We also enjoyed Aldi’s 90-second rice-quinoa blend, and we both loved this meal! I bought the sushi-grade Ahi tuna from Aldi, and it is very high quality. Highly recommend this!


I enjoyed yogurt with some thawed cherries, shredded wheat, and roasted nuts. We watched one episode of Ozark then called it a night.



I was on an oatmeal muffin kick, but this time I made it with savory spices, cheddar, greens, and a sunny side up farm fresh egg. If you have not tried an oat muffin or savory oatmeal, this is a must!


Matt and I relaxed while we sipped our coffee, then I got ready for the day. His birthday is this Wednesday, so we went to Cruze Farm for an early birthday treat. I found him GF waffle cones that we brought. He tried their Lemon Custard-Blackberry swirl and loved it! I had my first churn, their Coffee Toffee. We both saved what we didn’t finish, so now we have more to enjoy with those cones.



My handsome husband.


He joined two friends to fish while I hung out with Kase. Since we ate ice cream at lunchtime, I a late snacky-lunch of Red Hot Blues, hummus, carrots, and tomatoes.


Kase gave me a wannabe topknot, and I’m really excited to get to a point when I can wear one!


She also used her curling iron to add waves to my locks, and I need to get one and start practicing! I’ve never felt great about curling my own hair, but I’m determined to learn how.


I loved the volume it added.



For dinner, we each enjoyed a simple salad and the last of our shrimp alfredo. Easy peasy.


I ate a Kodiak Cake Strawberry Chocolate Chip muffin out of our vanilla yogurt tub with pb and an apple on the side. We’re over halfway through the third season, and I’m anxious to see what happens!



Kaci kindly let me borrow this top, and I love it! The collar and tie is so fun.



Have a great week!

Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! Today I have a random assortment of things that have made me happy and that I would love to share with you all. I hope your week started and is ending on a good note!

Eat Healthy Designs are selling these adorable masks that are well-made, fashionable, and will provide protection. I would love the avocado one in Mason’s memory. โค

I love this account, and I feel like this speaks to me, if only I kept plants alive.


I thought this filter, ‘Comic Book, on Insta was fun, so I took a snapshot of my favorite area in our home.


Half-caf iced latte with oat milk from Mahalo gave me such a pep in my step on Tuesday! Also, hello party pants. I’m slowly switching out my clothes for spring/summer. Going through to see what I still want, what fits, and what I want to donate.


I FINALLY have a hair appointment for May 1st, and I am *so * excited. While I’m not getting much cut at all as I am growing it out, just having my neck and bangs trimmed plus some of the weight removed will feel so fresh. This is how much it grew from early February from my one and only cut since starting this process to now. I’m proud of how quickly it seems to be growing!


I took these while on a long walk on Tuesday. Sunshine, warmth, and a walk always boosts my mood so much! It’s therapy by nature.

I had wanted to try Ragu’s cauliflower-based Alfredo sauce since seeing it in the Food and Nutrition Magazine, but I hadn’t found it. I did see this one from Kroger’s brand, so I decided to try it.


We tossed it with GF pasta, roasted broccoli, and sauteed wild shrimp with Old Bay. Turned out really well!


“Pattern Play” – I love combining polka dots and animal print.

I needed new tweezers, but y’all, the cost of some are ridiculous. $17 for one I saw at Kroger. Big fat nope. I found this set that I thought looked well-made and cute. Can’t go wrong with some color!


I have wanted to be a member of Simi’s Beautifully Imperfect group for a while now, and I decided it would be the greatest gift to myself. Some old fears and thoughts resurfaced recently that made me realize again that growth is not linear. So I proudly registered and am excited to address and work through areas where I need to focus on breaking down these thoughts and beliefs. I thought it was perfect that MHN’s message on the day I registered spoke about letting things go i.e. perfection, worry, fear, and so forth.


I’m hoping Matt and I can celebrate his birthday early this weekend with a trip to Cruze Farm! He doesn’t like to make a big deal about his birthday, but I always try to. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Ice Cream Date + The Great Outdoors

Hello, and happy Monday! I thought it was going to mostly be an ugly day, but so far, the sun has been shining, and the temperature is supposed to warm up to the low 70’s. It’s the little things that are making me happy. I sure wish we could have stayed home today. Matt’s boss bought a new shop, so they’re in the process of moving all of their inventory while continuing to ship parts that people have purchased, so he went into work both Saturday and Sunday. He definitely needed the day, but life doesn’t hit pause.


I started the day with trying this frozen entree complete with avocado and jam toast and cuties. It was okay but not the greatest in flavor. But you never know unless you try!

My ensemble for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought this top at Shandi’s Boutique, and it’s so soft and comfortable. Plus I just love the pattern.


Sweet Jackson wanted snuggles and to be held after I got home and fed them! Look at that swishy tail.


Dinner was cajun seasoned baked salmon, simple salad, and pasta salad for me leftover from my lunch from Shandi’s while Matt had Bird’s Eye lentil pasta that is a great go-to.


I just had a banana with cinnamon and pb with tea and honey while we watched Ozark. It’s getting so crazy in season two!



I went ahead and made these mini frittata muffins on Friday evening, and I scored our grapefruit. I used a bag of frozen Mexican mixed vegetables, spices, and Tillamook thick cut shredded Mexican cheese blend. Easy and delicious.


I topped my white grapefruit with cinnamon.


We completed our breakfast with avocado toast + EBTB seasoning.


I relaxed with my coffee and cuddled with our sweeties. I loved this daily message by MHN. I finished a word find, which I enjoy doing to relax.


Simi led the first Unmeasured live workout, and it was so invigorating!! I sweat and shook and felt challenged in a great way. Rachel kept me company too. Also, my hair has entered a very shaggy stage. Just rollin’ with it because no reason to fight it. I can’t get it cut for about two more weeks, but I’m very much looking forward to it!


Lunch was a salad with the last of my pasta salad and some of our salmon.


Then I got myself ready to spend the day with Kase!


I hung out with her while she finished getting ready, then she accompanied me on my errands. I finally took our glass recycle to the recycling center, and I dropped off our batteries to be recycled. Then it was off to Cruze Farm!

I chose their Lemon Custard Blackberry Swirl in a waffle cone with sprinkles, and it was the best combination! These are two “vintage” flavors that they brought back for spring. Kaci went with their amazing chocolate with sprinkles.


Taste the rainbow.


Awkward selfie of me to document our twinklet time. Kaci looks so pretty! I think we look pretty similar here, which I love.


I then went with Kaci, Drew, and Axl to hike at Sharp’s Ridge. It was a beautiful day! Just a tad chilly.




You could see the World’s Fair Sunsphere through the trees, which I thought was neat.



Kaci kindly took these of me on her fancy phone.



I later discovered this hitchiker in my hair! I released him outside.


Dinner was leftover soup I had shared in Friday’s post, and I had a tortilla warmed and stuffed with hummus to go with it.

Snackage while watching Ozark included a mug of Greek yogurt with some shredded wheat, pb, and an apple + my delish lemon ginger tea with honey.



Unfortunately, Matt had to leave for work before breakfast was ready. I ate a small apple with some pb and raisins while I waited.


I made Alexis’ Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal with her Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting. I absolutely love it! It’s like spring in oatmeal form.


I adore these memories, but they feel so long ago. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


He looks annoyed, but he was purring and loving these snuggles! I miss our angel baby. That sweet face. โค


Rachel chose to nap like this. She’s always been such a silly girl!


I follow the Insta page @vintage, and they shared these two of Lucille Ball. I will always be a huge fan.



Each message just speaks to beautifully to me.


I vacuumed the house then felt like doing an Unmeasured workout. It was stellar, as always! I then made this tasty lunch of greens, hummus, sauerkraut, sweet and spicy pickles, Dr. Praeger’s black bean quinoa burger, avocado, and fancy potato chips.


Thin Mints and milk for a sweet finish.


I took my time getting ready then donned my mask to shop at Kroger. For dinner, we went simple with a sweet kale salad topped with salmon and some baby carrots for more colorful crunch.


I gave myself my second quarantine mani with a new OPI polish I got at Kroger. It felt really nice to do this for myself.

I enjoyed a small mug of Cheerios with pb powder, cinnamon, almond cashew milk, and a small banana while we just relaxed. I didn’t feel like an episode of Ozark since it sometimes wakes me up from the action. Ha.


“Rainbow Bright” look.


I love this color and can see it being a staple for me this summer.


Have a beautiful week!

Friday Finds + Favorites!

How are you all doing? Feeling all the emotions still? Because I know I am. Grateful to have my job, thankful to be of help, hopeful that we’ll overcome, anxious to still have to wear a mask all day every day, sad that I’m unable to go anywhere, feel trapped. I acknowledge all of these, and I encourage everyone to feel their feelings. Just because we may not have it as bad as someone else does not discount our emotions and experiences. I have a short but fun Friday favs post to share, and I would love to hear of some of your finds or favorites!

First up are two messages that spoke so strongly to me. Morgan Harper Nichols speaks truth always. Trying to live in the present and to soak up all of its beauty.


I am perfectly imperfect. I am enough. I am me for which I don’t have to make any apologies. Same for you!


I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with my friend, Ashley! Her posts are very informative and strong. I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram at the handle @fuel.2.flourish.


I couldn’t resist taking a photo with my new Dyson before using it for the first time. It works like a dream! Matt kindly mounted it in the garage for us, so now I can dock and charge it out of the way. I highly recommend one! It sucked up so much hair and such, and the carpet felt fluffy.


I do not know why, but Matt and I slept so very horrible on Monday night. Sweet Matt was up by 3:30 and just surrendered. I stayed in bed and dozed and got some more sleep but definitely lacked what I needed. Enter one of my fav go-to denim dresses that made getting ready easy. Tried to do the whole, “fake it ’til you make it”. They extended the stay-at-home order until the end of the month, so quarantine hair is going strong!


*The* fashion accessory of 2020. I bought this from a friend who made multiple masks to donate. I wore it when I last went to Kroger for a few quick things.


The weather started to warm up again, so I wore one of my really comfortable dresses and leggings that didn’t make the photo. Ready for spring to come back permanently! Rachel in the background is so cute!

I didn’t snap a photo and now regret it, but even though we slept horribly, I made a fantastic breakfast Tuesday morning! We split the last of our Easter asparagus frittata, and I had mine between two slices of toasted Dave’s Killer Bread with melted mozzarella, mashed avocado, wilted greens, and a local Swaggerty’s sausage. I enjoyed a small, crisp apple on the side plus a mug of delicious, strong coffee. Kath shared a recipe for Scramble Egg Sandwich with Avocado on this day, so we were on the same wavelength!

My manager catered Salsarita’s since one of our RN’s now has left for a different job, and we did a going away party. I enjoyed my first plate then went back for a vegetarian taco salad of sorts.

I finally ordered lunch from Shandi’s Boutique for myself and a friend, Andrea at work, and it was delicious! We each got their turkey, bacon, avocado, mozzarella melt with tomato and basil on toasted white bread. I chose pasta salad but saved it because I was pleasantly full. Our meals came with a free cookie each, and they were so pretty!

Earlier in the week, Andrea shared her 8-can soup that looked delicious, and it inspired me to make this creation. One can each Italian tomatoes, cannellini beans, lentils, and mushrooms; one frozen bag each vegetable soup blend, green beans, spinach, and one quart chicken broth + herbs & spices. Matt added two bay leaves, and we added a smidge extra garlic powder plus salt for him. It made a lot and is awesome to now have on hand!

Alexis shared a recipe for Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal that I will be making for us this weekend. Does it not scream spring as well as utterly delicious? I will share my creation!

Unfortunately, we have ended up having to throw away some of our glass container lids because they cracked, so I’m needing to organize our cabinet. I decided to order us more containers to pack our lunches and snacks, and I chose this set on Amazon. I love the lock lids for not only the secure seal but they also won’t warp or crack with use.

 I’ll end by sharing this precious memory of our babies. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! How are you holding up during this time? Have a found ways to connect with loved ones while keeping your distance? I sure hope you have been able to soak up some sunshine. The temperature dropped back into the 50’s here, and I have a friend who has experienced spring weather to a tornado warning, rain and hail, and then snow. O_O The sun has been my saving grace!

First up is this nice band that one of my managers made to make wearing a mask more comfortable. Wear a mask but make it fun.



I ordered this jumpsuit from Not Perfect Linen, and it’s on its way. I can’t wait to receive and wear it a lot this spring and summer!

I decided to invest in some shaving cream because just using soap + body wash isn’t the best. I wanted to buy Cremo because Kaci recommended it, but I only could find this at Kroger. It is very silky and did give me a better shave.


I ordered this Dyson model after receiving several recommendations to invest in their Cyclone V10 for the latest motor. I cannot wait to receive it! Yes, this is not something I expected to be excited about 10 years ago, but I embrace my adulting ways. My vacuuming game just got elevated.

Mahalo debuted their new to go cups, and is it not so pretty? If we have to only use the drive thru, might as well make it pretty to the eyes as well as the taste buds. They are my fav coffee shop!


I found GF spaghetti pasta that I think for the first time cooked right! Most long pastas turn to mush. I made a turkey meat sauce using a jarred sauce that Matt doctored up some, and truth be told, it was so much better the next day for lunch. So good!


After buying a great deal at Kroger on Wednesday, I had planned to get us our free Petro’s (from Matt wining one year’s worth), but I didn’t want to get back out again or spend money to pay the difference for medium orders. We made huge salads topped with Annie’s Lemon Chive dressing, Bird’s Eye broccoli-cauliflower tots that I dipped in yellow mustard (was craving it), and hard boiled egg with EBTB seasoning and dipped in sriracha. So good and better than take out! Plus much safer in these times.


Some positive words from MHN, and this experience has truly made me more laid back about some things.


Happy Life always comes through with the best messages as well.



Despite it being a strange, distant Easter, if you celebrate, I wish you the best! May you all have a great weekend. โค


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Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! I think it’s safe to say we all may feel that March was the longest year…err I mean month…ever. Never did I suspect that partly through the month we would be mandated to quarantine, work would be so different with more caution placed on patient interaction, local businesses would be forced to close, and that the entire world would be in the same boat, so to speak. Wow. As always, I want to extend love and support to everyone during this time.

First up is some meal inspiration! I made this salad one evening after seeing Simi share their quick dinner that featured romaine. I love its crunch and flavor, so I started with it and added cucumber, roasted asparagus, freshly roasted chickepeas seasoned with cajun seasoning blend, dressed my salad with fresh lemon and extra virgin olive oil, and we crunched on blue corn chips on the side. Everything except for the chips was purchased at Three Rivers Co-op as I wanted to try to support local.


I enjoyed the last of my mac ‘n cheese one morning over wilted greens with a sunny side up farm fresh egg. Ohmyguh, so good. I cooked the egg in butter with Italian seasoning and EBTB seasoning. I also added smoked paprika to the mac ‘n cheese. This was simply made from a box of Annie’s reduced sodium that I added butter and freshly grated cheddar to. Nothing wrong with boxed mixes, y’all!


Matt made us cooked cinnamon apples that are oh so tasty! These apples were not crisp as they were starting to go places, but rather than toss them, we cooked with them. Waste not, want not!

I had some that evening with cottage cheese, Multigrain Cheerios, and pb while Matt had a toasted waffle with the cooked apples, cottage cheese, pb, and maple. Mmm mmm.

I have loved added coffee creamer to cereal, oats, smoothies, and Haley reminded me of doing so in one of her Ig stories recently. I soaked a packet of Ancient Grains oatmeal with milk and Chobani hazelnut creamer. I enjoyed it with said cinnamon apples and pb the next morning.


As Matt and I were eating a Dr. Praeger’s protein veggie burger, we both said how it reminded us almost of a salsibury steak. That got us thinking, and we decided to make a fusion meal of salisbury steak meats stroganoff. Sounds weird, but it was really good! We simply made edamame fettuccine since I couldn’t find GF egg noodles, cooked the burgers then broke them into bite-sized pieces, cooked a packet of brown gravy with rinsed and drained canned mushrooms, tossed it all together et voila! Dinner (and lunch the next day) was served. Romaine and ranch on the side.


Kaci and Drew recently enjoyed a burrito from Dead End Barbeque that gave me inspiration. I cooked us plant-based protein GF corn tortillas that I topped with rotisserie chicken simmered with peach whiskey bbq sauce, pickled jalapenos, slaw, Bird’s Eye veggie tater tots, freshly shredded Tillamook cheddar, and a side of sauteed zucchini. They were so good!

Colleen Cruze started a series detailing her family’s love of and belief in the power of buttermilk. I grabbed this bottle at Three Rivers and have enjoyed some poured over my muesli that I soaked overnight. Their buttermilk is tangy but not overly so and is very smooth and rich. So good!


Kodiak Cakes had recently sent me their Buttermilk and Maple Flapjack cups as part of their RD program. I really love this flavor! They cook up beautiful and fluffy.


Kaci suggested I invest in these dryer wool balls (made in Weaverville, NC) because they soften clothes wonderfully. I also bought these from Three Rivers. They will come in especially handy with my Not Perfect Linen dresses and jumpsuit!


Sarah of @trendsetchic shared this brand of food wrap that looked and sounded fantastic! I have wanted to move us away from plastic wrap but was unsure what to purchase. Bee’s Wrap can be washed and reused multiple times, smell amazing, and they come in these beautiful patterns!

Maranda of Vagabondary has these saved on her Instagram story highlights under “wallpapers”, and they are beautiful!! Her artwork is really stunning.


I love the colors here.




So delicate.


Any chance I can get to go on a walk has really helped my mind and heart feel calm. On this particular day, the sky and temperature were near perfect.


Wishing you all peace and happiness this weekend. โค